Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Prove Your Potential Launch Party

The Prove Your Potential Campaign is excited to celebrate a successful sales launch with a night of good music, dancing and of course, good company. On April 30, 2010, Come out to POP Opera to help out a good cause AND blow off steam after exams. Guests are requested to wear trendy Prove Your Potential T-shirts to the event and help spread our message!

Ticket prices are only $10, which INCLUDES a Prove Your Potential T-shirt. For those who already purchased a t-shirt, a donation of any amount will secure you a ticket! We will not be able to sell tickets at the door and cover prices paid at the door will not go towards our cause so please ensure you get in touch with us prior to the event to get your ticket.

Dress Code:- We are hoping to get as many people in a t-shirt as we can in ONE ROOM, so please wear your t-shirt that night. Doors will open at 9:30pm, and we invite guests to arrive by 10pm some mingling beforehand and to pick up or buy additional t-shirts!


Thanks SO much for all your support so far, we can't wait to see you there!!!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Prove Your Potential is featured in the Metro News!

The Prove Your Potential Campaign Team would like to thank the folks over at Metro Newspaper for covering our April 14-15 event! Check out the full article here.

One week until our next event! Stay tuned for more details on our April 30th, 2010 event!!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Smile! It's day two at the UBC Block Party

Photo courtesy of Sam Wu.

Day two of our Launch event! The team and our awesome volunteers are looking forward to another successful day of spreading the prove your potential message and fundraising for the BC Children's Hospital.

Today, look out for a certain mascot who will be wearing our t-shirt and hoping that you'll stop by for a photo. We hope you'll stop by and smile with our mascot for our photographer. To our wonderful volunteers and supporters who came by yesterday, thank you for your smiles and for 'putting smiles back where they belong'.

Come visit us and bring on those smiles!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Check out one of the Prove your Potential booths!

Day one of the Campaign is officially here! The Prove your Potential team was busy yesterday preparing the details for today's launch. You'll find us and our volunteers at several locations across campus sharing our message and selling t-shirts. Come stop by at one of our booths or flag down one of our 'roamers' and say hello!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The T-shirts are Here!!

Only one day left until the Prove Your Potential Campaign Launch at UBC! Kirby Wong, or Logistics Director was one of the first to get a hold of one of the t-shirts, hot off the printing press. Kirby looks pretty excited; as are we about seeing you there! official blitz this Wed, April 14 and Thurs, April 15 at various locations around UBC Campus. $10/shirt. ALL Proceeds go towards the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. **Buy a shirt. Raise Some Money. Prove Your Potential**

Thursday, 1 April 2010

These boots were made for walkin'...and for fundraising!

If you had happened to pass by Langara College around noon today, you might have noticed the mob of superheroes and Playboy bunnies waving feather boas and dancing in shoes ranging from leopard-print stilettos to combat boots to fuzzy pink slippers.

No, it wasn’t somebody’s idea of an April Fools’ Day joke, moving Halloween to April 1st.

Actually, today was the First Annual High-Steppin’ Walk-a-Thon, a fundraising event that was organized by business students and the Support Our Student Campaign. SOS raises funds to assist students who can’t afford tuition due to emergency situations. All the money raised today will be matched by Langara College, go towards the Lloyd Nicholson Memorial Scholarship, and be awarded to students with outstanding musical ability.

Lloyd Nicholson, who had taught and worked at Langara College as a musical director for the last 25 years, passed away suddenly last October. The Lloyd Nicholson Memorial Scholarship was established this year as a tribute to his memory.

I talked to Krista Bergmann, one of the project managers, who described Lloyd as “very flamboyant, and he loved bright clothes and high heels.”

“That’s why we decided to create a fun, glitzy event to honour him,” she said.

“He was known as a kick-ass musical director in this country,” added Kathryn Shaw, the artistic director for Studio 58. “He brought out the best in the students, and we feel his loss profoundly.”

Despite the rain, everyone was in high spirits. After a heartwarming performance of “Springtime Happening” by Studio 58 students, a handful of toddlers donning Easter bunny ears kicked off the Walk-a-Thon. Everyone else followed suit in their funky costumes and shoes through the route that started at the front entrance of the school, wound its way inside the school and came back out again.

Nearly 100 walkers strutted down the red carpet, doing cartwheels, flexing their biceps and striking model poses—anything to impress a panel of three judges. The judges determined winners for categories such as craziest heel, craziest costume, most creative shoe and highest energy.

Erin Lapointe, who had a giant afro and wore a sparkly gold top, hoop earrings, large sunglasses, and five-inch platform heels (think Beyonce), believed she was definitely a “shoe-in” for craziest heel.

“They’re pretty painful,” she admitted after her fourth lap. “But the blisters and sore feet are worth it."

Erin did end up winning the prize for craziest heel, but not without first competing in a walk-off against another saucy contender in front of the judges.

Even after the event was over, the atmosphere was still pumped with energy as people danced to music mixed by a DJ. Standing there, eating complimentary chocolate cake, I was pretty amazed. Krista and ten other students had started planning this event in February. In merely two months, they had a glitzy, fun fundraiser going and even managed to invited people such as Kim Cathers from Project Run Way Canada to participate in the judging.

Although it started out as a final term project, the student organizers and the school’s administration want to bring it to the next level and make it an annual event so that they could keep fundraising for the school's bursury and scholarship campaign. After what I witnessed today, I'm pretty sure they can do it.